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Swan / NU living Donate PPE To Help Build A School Library In Mozambique!

At NU living we are proud to help make a difference to people’s lives and communities throughout Essex and East London. Recently this was extended further than normal…..8,157 miles to be exact, all the way to a secondary school in Palmeira village, Manhica District, in Mozambique.

A Head Teacher of a school in Waltham Forest approached a colleague at the start of the summer to see if we could assist with some PPE equipment, as a group of teachers were going to Mozambique to help build two school classrooms at a primary school there.

Currently, the school only has 3 classrooms which means most lessons take place outside. When it rains or is windy, lessons are cancelled. Pupils have their lessons in shifts so that all can have some education every day. Adults also attend lessons at the school, as rates of adult illiteracy in the area are very high. Most adults cannot read or write when they start at the school.

This project, organised by Action Aid and their community partners in Mozambique, will help ensure that more of this community can access an education which will make a huge difference to their life chances.

We were extremely happy to be able to help with this cause, by supplying the teachers with some PPE equipment to help keep them safe whilst they were working on this special project.

Added 28 August 2018